The life of a Christian is not to prove to the world that we’re perfect little human beings, walking around with everything sorted. Nope, absolutely not! If that’s what you thought, my friend you need to wash that thought completely out of your mind. Wash out your brain..🤣

No human being has a perfect life and more so Christians. Far from perfect, far far far from perfect. Often times we mess up so much it’s a crying shame. Like how does God put up with us? But that’s just the point He is more than absolutely able. We’re weak but He’s all powerful, we’re imperfect but He’s the definition of perfection, we mess up he cleans us up.

Our lives as Christian’s has little if anything to do with us. Our lives merely point to our father, Who relentlessly and fervently loves us. Our life merely is a story of a Father who picks us up dusts us off and set us on the way to do His will. A Father who loves His children enough to discipline them, to correct them. And sometimes the discipline is not the easiest to endure. That’s when you see some of us looking all worn out and ragged/ rugged… just kidding… a little🤔.

Basically being a Christian is not a race to show off who has it most put together. At times those who aim to portray this image is going through hell, seriously. But our lives is to show that we rely on a perfect God. We dont have it all together, He puts us together.

“I don’t want to be a Christian because you have to be perfect” That’s how alot of people think these days but that’s not the focus. The moral of the story is it’s ok to be weak because in our weakness God’s strength is made perfect. You dont have to get it right before coming to God, if you let Him He will make you right.

So Christians are not perfect we just rely on a perfect God.

The end…..

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