The internet is not all that bad


It was approaching Christmas in the year 2013. It was my tradition to always spend my Christmas in the country side with my parents. I’ll forever cherish those moments. The last-minute cleaning and shopping. Oh how I loved throwing out old items from my parents cabinet, which they always fret about but I think they secretly thank me for doing it. Cooking and spending time with the family is an all time favorite. Anyway I’ll write about Christmas another time, even though talking about it now is making me super excited about spending my first Christmas alone with my husband. :-). 

This is how it happened, I received a friend request on Facebook on the 3rd December,2013 that changed my life forever. I accepted and the rest is history. ok, ok I’ll let you in on the details. So Dwayne Bagot who happens to be my husband saw this really beautiful full eyed girl on his page. He was stunned at her beauty and said to himself , she is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, I must married her. So he clicked on the request button, his heart fluttered as he sent it. Will she ever respond to my request? He thought, she has to for she must be mine foreverrrr. If he tells you otherwise it’s only because he’s shy.

We passed the initial stage, I accepted his request he expressed his gratitude and there marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We started off casually checking in on each other. Then graduated to can’t wait to hear from each. We messaged each other every single day, not even exaggerating. 

I remember how he had me waiting just so I could hear his voice for the first time. Boy was I nervous , then it was when we video chatted for the first time. I used to get all dressed up just so we can video chat lol, angled my face so he’d see my cute dimples. The first time we met in person was 6 months after we met online, It was awesomeness! We made it official on the 1st May 2014.

After a few months I just couldn’t take my mind off of this guy who dressed so dapper. He’s a great dresser, ah loved it, I still do! Anyways before I met him I used to write love letters to my future husband telling “him” that I’m waiting for him and I can’t wait to meet him and all that.  I would write letters to God too telling him I met this guy and I think he’s the one. It was so cute, Now I don’t know where those letters are. I need to find them. Wait i think i gave those letters to Him… I hope he still has them. 

Long story short He stuck through with me, never gave up on us for one minute. Even when the distance got so overwhelming, every time I asked him  are you still waiting ? His answer would always be yes I’m still waiting. I’ve never had someone who was so faithful to me and for that I’ll be grateful for a lifetime. 

By the way he was the first guy I introduced to my dad , instead of Dwayne being the nervous wreck I was shaking in my boots, no my sandals, stuttering and all that crazy stuff lol. I’m his wife now and really now the rest is history. 

We Met on Facebook!

Some long distance relationships do work!

The Internet is not all bad after all!

The End

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