What is my purpose?

view of white clouds and blue sky

    For so long I’ve idolized the word “purpose” and what it means to have purpose. I was so obsessed with knowing what’s this special thing I possess that God has created only me to fulfill. Needless to say this quest for purpose frustrated me a lot, a whole lot. Especially those times when I thought I figured it out but me being me was always seeking for confirmation and affirmation from others, didn’t get it so I had to be wrong. At times I gave up the search.

    I remember for years I searched and prayed about finding my purpose. God would you reveal to me the special reason you created me for. I don’t recall what triggered it but I had a light bulb moment, which really shouldn’t have been one. It should’ve been a “what else did you think it would be?” moment or “what took you so long?” moment.

    Anyhoo!!!! I found my purpose. Yayyy! I know why God created me. As simple as it may sound I really do believe it’s of utmost importance. I was created to shine my light. Every single thing I do has purpose.

    For years this purpose thing has been so mysterious to a lot of us… ooh bro/ sis you need to find your purpose. People go thinking its some astronomical, complex thing, they take forever to figure it out. It’s not that hard my bro/sis. Its really not that hard.

    As a matter of fact the first thing we should instill in new-born Christians is what their purpose is, instead of letting them go roaming for something they have no idea how to find. Let them know their main purpose is to spread the good news of Christ.

    Although this is just my opinion, I believe it is vital that when new believers come to Christ that they know their purpose is to win souls for Christ. So with everything that is done we do it to shine our light. Contrary to what you may have heard, we each have the same purpose and that is to spread the gospel of Christ. Though the purpose is the same we will have different unique ways of fulfilling that purpose. Whether we sing, dance, preach, write, teach, draw it should all lead you back to fulfilling that one purpose we each have. 

    Now instead of trying to find that purpose think of what unique spin you can add to spreading the gospel of Christ. What me-ness can I add? That’s where your personality and individuality comes to play. 

   Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Mt 5:16

We each have Purpose!!!

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